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Manas National Park

  At the base of foothills of the Bhutan Himalayas in the state of Assam, with unique bio-diversity landscape in one of the first reserves included in the network of tiger reserve under project tiger in 1973. It extends over an area 2837 sq km from sonkosh river in the west to Dhanashri River in the east with in core of 520 sq km of national park which declared in 1990.
  With the Manas River exploding out of the Foothils of Bhutan, the unique blending of dense forest & grasslands at the confluence of Indian, Ethiopian & Indo Chienese realms makes this one of the richest reasons for wild animals Not only is Manas one of the most beautiful reserves. It also harbour the largest number of protected species of India, Ranging from large heads of Elephants and Buffalos with smaller creature pygmy hog, golden langur, Assam roofed turtle, Hispid hare & Bengal Florican among the 60 mammals recorded so far from Manas ,  22 of them are placed in schedule 1 categories of Indian Wildlife (protection) Act., It is not too surprising therefore to find Manas as site International importance under ‘UNESCO’s is World HeritageConservations in 1985 as well as Biosphere Reserve in 1989. The River Manas, flows into the National Park from the gorges of Bhutan & splits into 2 Major streams of the main course comes out of the park about 30 KM downstream in known as Beki. The peace & tranquility of Mathanguri Tourist site on the bank of Manas close to Bhutan is the rarest gift of the Nature & in its finest form.